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Attract More Buyers with UP Virtual Tours

Considering selling your property?

Here are a few facts that you need to know about the realities of today’s NZ property marketplace:

The vast majority of today’s homebuyers let their smartphones and laptops do the walking, when it comes to finding suitable properties to purchase.

According to one US study, up to 92% of homebuyers begin their search on the Internet. In New Zealand, that typically means visits to Trade Me Property or to, identifying and comparing properties that meet their basic criteria.

According to Google & Compete’s Home Shopper Study, prospective buyers will perform an average of 11 searches before taking action on a real estate site.

That’s typically because prospective purchasers are refining their criteria, learning what they like and comparing their needs and wants with what’s currently available.

internet searchers are, like the rest of us, time-poor and protective of their commitments, According to the Realtor Digital House Hunt study, less than half actually attend Open Homes.

Those realities lead in turn to these three questions:

1 How can your property be presented as effectively as possible online?
The only information that most would-be buyers know about your property is the highlights that can be shown on a Trade Me Property or page. What would make prospects want to view your property in person or contact your agent for more information?

2 How well does your property compete with similar properties in your area?
Visit Trade Me Property or and search for properties similar to yours (in terms of area, number of bedrooms, price range, etc). Just based on what you can see on the web page, would you survive the search or would you be one of the ten properties left behind as prospects refine their needs?

3 Would you tempt web searchers to come to your next Open Home?
How can your listing provide enough enticing information to lure searchers into taking action?

Our recommendation: that you should consider offering a Virtual Tour to your prospective buyers.

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