Spring has come early?


9th August Update from UP Realestate on Vimeo.

The temperature is warming, the days are getting longer, it feels like spring has come early. There’s a no doubt home buyers have a whiff of it, they are out in force with renewed energy. In short, the housing market is just fine through central Auckland with little or no sign of values softening to any great degree. For us, July was another surprisingly strong month. This particular period of time between now and October is a time when home owners looking to sell do very well: it’s just before the pre-Christmas rush and just after winter.

There is still a limited number of homes being marketed consequently those that are up in lights get focussed on heavily. In short if you are thinking of making a move, now is a great time. Please ask me about our fantastic ‘no cost’ marketing offer to help you spring into action!


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