Free at last... Or are we?

Free at last! Or are we? Level one has ushered in our ability to function on a ‘business as usual’ basis, the only issue is that during the lockdown period homeowners became conditioned by various media that it was a bad time to sell. This has resulted in a general shortage of available homes for sale. This fact is confirmed with Trademe listings in Auckland down 23% year on year. Conversely buyers are out in force, buoyed by low interest rates they are very much on the hunt, in many cases needing to compete hard for their next home.

The upshot is that in the areas we serve, prices are firm. In many cases auctions are being brought forward, open home numbers are strong and some homes have been snapped up in days. In fact it is a great time for homeowners to be on the market. We just need them to come out of lockdown!


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