May Update

As at the 31st March, year on year the Auckland market was down around 20% in sales volume with prices remaining flat. The cause of this could relate to the Foreign Buyer Ban, the threat of a Capital Gains Tax, confusion over CV’s, the Bright Line Test, a change in banking attitudes and/or a general lack of confidence. Having said that, here at UP we can report we are defying that trend with a very strong March and a year on year increase of 28% in overall sales volumes. 

 The question then is, all things considered is this a good time to sell? The answer is yes. 

With the threat of a Capital Gains Tax now gone and interest rates at record low levels we sense a new breeze blowing. In recent times we have sold most of what we had listed, we are short of good homes and there are new buyers emerging.

The thing that is becoming clear is that to make a sale requires strong marketing, a skilled sales team, a high degree of focus and lots of management support to get transactions completed. Our results speak for themselves. 

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